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Randy & Kelci at Boone Hall Plantation, Charleston, SC

The Wedding Film

ALL WEDDINGS.01_16_48_15.Still270.jpg
ALL WEDDINGS.01_16_51_21.Still272.jpg

The Venue

ALL WEDDINGS.01_17_51_02.Still286.jpg
ALL WEDDINGS.01_16_05_01.Still255.jpg
ALL WEDDINGS.01_16_13_13.Still258.jpg
ALL WEDDINGS.01_20_24_14.Still312.jpg
ALL WEDDINGS.01_21_49_17.Still324.jpg

The Ceremony

ALL WEDDINGS.01_18_35_07.Still292.jpg
ALL WEDDINGS.01_18_46_14.Still294.jpg
ALL WEDDINGS.01_18_58_14.Still297.jpg

The Response

ALL WEDDINGS.01_20_46_13.Still315.jpg

Omg that was ABSOLUTELY perfect. Thank you so much !!! You did such an amazing job! Thank you. I’m so excited to share!!

- Kelci Seavy

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