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Cody & Jillian at Their House in Columbia, SC.

The Wedding Film

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The Story

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On March 14th, 2020, America closed its borders and limited gatherings to 20 people or less due to COVID-19. This happened one week before their planned 100 guest wedding at Wavering Place Plantation on March 21st, 2020. Instead of letting that ruin their big day, they decided to let love be the only thing that mattered and held a 20 guest wedding at their own house! 

The Venue

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The Place: Their House!

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The Ceremony

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The Speeches

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The Album 

The Response

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OMGOSH... We love the videos! Thank you so very much! They are so beautiful and wonderful memories. You did an AMAZING job. Thank you, thank you and Thank You!!!

- Cyndi Taplin

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