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Ben Sauls


Lead Filmmaker   Editor

Growing up I loved playing sports and spent almost all of my time outside. After a serious injury that disabled my ability to walk properly for 4 months, I spent a lot of time watching videos that would make me feel happy, inspired, and emotional.


I fell in love with the ability video had to evoke an emotion in me. From that point on I decided I would watch every youtube tutorial and study every film to learn how to tell a story through moving pictures.


I didn’t want to simply record events like weddings, sports, and vacations, I wanted the viewer to actually feel what it was like to be there. After years of learning how to create videos, I found out that everybody has a story to tell and I could be the one to help tell it in a way that it will never be forgotten.

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"My entire life has had a strong focus around film. From a young age, my favorite pastime has been watching movies. I find myself picking apart each movie’s individual design aspects in its filmmaking and admiring how every film has its own unique personality.

As I grew up, I had strong interests in making my own “movies” in the form of skits, mostly during my time in high school. My high school filmmaking experience not only caused me to be a better filmmaker, but also a better person. I always strive to improve myself and I believe filmmaking helps me achieve this.
Videography and editing are my passions, and I pour all of my time and energy into making all of my projects excellent. Getting to make videos every day has been a dream of mine my entire
life, and I hope others can see that passion through my projects."

Nathaniel Sheppard


Filmmaker  Editor

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